5 Best WordPress Mass Page Generators in 2024

When it comes to managing a WordPress site, the ability to generate multiple pages in bulk can be a game-changer. Whether you’re looking to create landing pages for different locations, personalized pages for specific user groups, or simply want to test various page layouts, a mass page generator can save you countless hours of manual work.

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Part 1: 5 Best Mass Page Generators

In this article, we will dive into the top 5 WordPress mass page generators of 2023, exploring their key features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and why they stand out in the crowded marketplace. Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user or a beginner, these tools can significantly enhance your productivity and transform the way you manage your website content. So, let’s dive in and discover the tools that are shaping the future of bulk page creation.



Page Generator Pro: Best Overall

page generator pro

Page Generator Pro is the best WordPress plugin that serves as a mass page generator in the market overall. It uses keywords to generate unique variations of pages, saving you the time and effort of manually creating pages one by one. With features like full content control, advanced scheduling functionality, and compatibility with various page builders, it’s a comprehensive solution for bulk page creation.

Page Generator Pro offers different methods for generating pages in bulk. Each keyword can contain multiple words or phrases that are cycled through for each page that is generated. The methods include:

All: This method generates pages for all possible unique combinations of terms across all keywords used.

Sequential: This method honors the order of terms in each keyword used. Once all terms have been used in a keyword, the generator stops.

Random: This method generates pages/posts by randomly picking one term for each keyword for each page/post that’s generated.

Single$49/Year; 1 site only
Unlimited$99/Year; Unlimited sites
Lifetime$199; Unlimited sites
Agency$299; Unlimited sites; Whitelabelling


Multiple Pages Generator: Easy to Use


MPG offers a convenient solution for web developers and SEO professionals seeking to generate numerous web pages simultaneously under a single domain.

Enhance your website effortlessly using MPG, which allows for the swift creation of distinct pages, posts, or customized entity posts. This plugin enables the seamless generation and administration of numerous landing pages tailored to specific keywords. By utilizing bulk pages with custom content, you can significantly improve your prospects of achieving top rankings on search engines.

Personal$99/Year; 1 site only
Business$199/Year; 5 sites
Agency$399/Year; Unlimited sites


Magic Page Plugin: Rank Multiple Locations

magic page plugin

The Magic Page Plugin is an excellent Mass Page Creator that national companies use to enhance their website’s rankings in multiple locations. This plugin generates dynamic web pages targeting your desired demographic. These SEO-optimized web pages rank prominently in Google search results for your specific keywords, aiding lead generation efforts.

Standard$97/Year; 1 site only
Advanced$970/Year; Unlimited sites
Professional$1470/Year; for Agencies


Mass Pages Posts Creator

mass page creator

Mass Pages/Posts Creator through which User can create Pages/Posts easily by the simplest interface which provide all the attribute which are necessary while creating a Pages/Posts.
One unique functionality added to this plugin is user can also add Postfix & Prefix word for all Pages/Posts which is conman for all.
This plugin will include all attribute like status, parent page, type etc.. which will make easy to user while creating Pages/Posts.

1 Site$99/Year
5 Sites$299/Year
30 Sites$349/Year




Serplify generates numerous distinct local pages for each city and zip code within your selected country. Additionally, the software incorporates search engine optimization capabilities and permits the scheduling of new content to be published gradually. The content scheduling functionality is advantageous as it enables the consistent generation of article velocity on your money sites.

Lite$87; 3 Sites only
Pro$97; 100 Sites

Part 2: FAQs


What is a WordPress Mass Page Generator?

A WordPress mass page generator is a tool or plugin that allows you to create multiple pages in bulk for your WordPress site. These tools can save you time and effort by automating the process of creating individual pages.


Why should I use a WordPress Mass Page Generator?

If you need to create a large number of pages with similar structures but different content (like landing pages for different locations or personalized pages for specific user groups), a mass page generator can automate this process, saving you significant time and effort.


Are WordPress Mass Page Generators difficult to use?

Most WordPress mass page generators are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They often come with intuitive interfaces and detailed instructions, making them accessible even to beginners. However, the complexity can vary depending on the specific tool and the features it offers.


Do WordPress Mass Page Generators affect the loading speed of my website?

The impact on loading speed largely depends on the specific tool you’re using and how it generates the pages. Some tools are optimized for performance and have minimal impact on loading speed. However, generating a large number of pages can potentially increase the size of your website’s database, which may affect loading speed. It’s recommended to use a good caching plugin and quality hosting to mitigate any potential performance issues.


Can I customize the pages created by a WordPress Mass Page Generator?

Yes, most mass page generators allow you to customize the structure and content of the pages they create. This can include editing the page title, content, meta description, and more. Some tools also support the use of dynamic keywords, which can be replaced with specific values for each generated page.


Are there any limitations on the number of pages I can generate?

This depends on the specific mass page generator you’re using. Some tools may have limitations on the number of pages you can generate, especially on lower-tier plans. Always check the tool’s specifications or contact the developer for clarification if you’re unsure.

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