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With its range of powerful features and seamless integration with popular page builders, Page Generator Pro empowers you to create unlimited, unique pages, posts, and custom post types that will maximize your wordpress site visibility.



Page Generator Pro’s Keywords feature allows you to store unique terms that will populate your Pages. These terms can include locations (such as cities, counties, and zip codes), business services, products, and more. They are then inserted into Content Groups, which are templates used by Page Generator Pro.

When generating content, Page Generator Pro ensures that each generated page uses a different and unique term from the keywords. This results in search engine-friendly content that is also free from duplicates.

The tool offers powerful keyword transformations, allowing you to modify the case of keyword terms and extract sub-terms from your list. For instance, you can choose to use only the city name from a detailed location stored within a keyword.

If you’re struggling to come up with keyword ideas, simply enter your keyword, save it, and Page Generator Pro will automatically generate a list of synonymous terms for you.

Dynamic Keyword Sources

If your data undergoes frequent changes or updates, utilize Page Generator Pro to incorporate a Keyword and connect it to your external data sources such as Airtable, CSV File, CSV URL, Database Table, Google Sheet, RSS Feed, and Spreadsheet. Upon generating or regenerating Pages, Posts, or Custom Post Types, the external data sources will be refreshed to ensure that your website’s content remains current and up to date.

data source

Target Location-Specific Areas

Page Generator Pro’s Keyword system offers the ability to automatically generate keyword lists specific to locations. These lists can encompass ZIP Codes (including latitude and longitude), Cities (including latitude, longitude, and population), Counties, Regions, Phone Area Codes, and/or Phone Country Codes. With this data, users can construct location pages using either a flat structure or a directory structure, leveraging the Group Directory feature.

Import Existing Keyword Lists

Page Generator Pro offers 3 convenient methods to import existing lists of terms or relational keywords and terms into keywords:

1. Text File Import: Import all data in a text file as a single keyword.
2. CSV File Import: Import keywords and terms from a CSV file, creating individual keywords based on the column headings in your CSV file.
3. Spreadsheet File Import: Import keywords and terms from an Excel (.xlsx) file, creating individual keywords based on the column headings in your spreadsheet.

These imported keywords can be seamlessly inserted into Page Generator Pro’s template fields, such as the title, content, excerpt, and other relevant fields.

directory site and interlinking

Build Directory Sites with Interlinking

Page Generator Pro offers comprehensive support for hierarchical content generation, making it an excellent choice for constructing directory-based websites. The depth of the hierarchy is unlimited, and you have the freedom to select any structure that suits your needs. Here are various examples:

1. Region (State) > County > City > ZIP Code > Service
2. Service > Region (State) > County > City > ZIP Code
3. Service > County > City
4. Service > Sub Service > City
5. City > Service > Sub Service
6. Service > Sub Service
7. Region (State) > County > City
8. Region (State) > City
9. County > City

To enhance the user experience, our Related Links Dynamic Element automatically generates internal links that are relevant to your content.

Rich and Full Content Control

The interface of Page Generator Pro mirrors the familiar WordPress Page and Post edit screens. It provides various fields for editing the Title, Permalink, Content, Excerpt, Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields, and more.

Any of these fields can incorporate keywords, and depending on the Post Type being generated, additional options like Post Formats, Page Templates, and Taxonomies become available.

With powerful keyword transformations, you can:

– Modify the case of keyword terms.
– Extract sub terms from a list of terms, such as extracting just the city name from a comprehensive list of locations stored as keywords.
– Enforce the usage of a specific term for a keyword.


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